Oak Flats Public School

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Things to Consider

Before Bringing a Device to School:

  • Students must return a Student BYOD Agreement. This agreement must be signed by the student and by a parent/carer.
  • Devices must be labelled for identification purposes.
  • Devices must have protective casing.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that devices are fully charged before bringing them to school.
  • Ensure the device is safe and secure during travel to and from school.

Security of Devices at School:

  • Students are responsible for exercising common sense when carrying their device at school.
  • Students who arrive before the 8.25am bell are required to store their device in their school bag, which must be closed and placed in their designated class area in the COLA. The COLA is supervised by a teacher from 8.25am, and students are not permitted to loiter around the bag areas.
  • Classrooms are not open to students before the 9.00am bell. Teachers are often in meetings, on duty or preparing lessons, and as such cannot be available to allow students access to the classroom.
  • Students carry devices into classrooms at 9.00am when lessons commence.
  • Classrooms are locked at all times during lunch and recess when a teacher is not present.
  • Students are not permitted to take their device into the playground at lunch or recess.
  • Students are not permitted to use their device at school after 3.00pm, including during after school pick-up.

A reminder also, Oak Flats Public School will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the device, while the device is at school or during a school-related activity. In cases of malicious damage or theft of another student's device, existing school processes for damage to schools or another student's property apply.

Parents and students can find further information about our BYOD school policy and implementation guidelines through the school website which has information regularly updated, and the newsletters.

Your support of this new technology model for our school is very much appreciated. Parent feedback and consultation is very important to us, and we welcome input from our school community. If you have any questions or concerns about BYOD, please contact the school office to make an appointment to speak to Mrs Phipps.