Oak Flats Public School

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Stages of Learning

Our Preschool program provides exciting and varied activities to support your child's interests, needs and development.

The program stimulates children's thinking, communicating, investigating, exploring and problem solving skills. It also promotes physical activity and healthy eating, and helps them be ready for transition to school.

Our early childhood trained teacher and school learning support officer are guided by the early years learning framework - belonging, being and becoming that emphasises play-based learning, communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy), and social and emotional development.

Primary learning includes whole-class, group and individual activities designed to develop an inquiring mind and teach basic learning skills needed for schooling and later life.

Literacy and numeracy are the building blocks of learning and that is why English and mathematics take up half of students' learning time in primary school.

Kindergarten to Year 6 focuses on six key learning areas:

Primary school in NSW follows a curriculum based on stages of learning. Each stage is approximately equivalent to two school years. For each learning stage there are skills, knowledge and a level of understanding that each student should develop.

Early Stage 1 refers to Kindergarten

Stage 1 includes Years 1 and 2

Stage 2 includes Years 3 and 4

Stage 3 includes Years 5 and 6