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OFPS Wellbeing Framework 2018

News | 25th June 2018
OFPS Wellbeing Framework 2018

The Oak Flats Public School Student Wellbeing implementation strategy is structured according to the NSW Department of Education Wellbeing for Schools Framework. It describes student wellbeing in three main areas: Connect, Succeed and Thrive, and outlines how we will promote and maintain student wellbeing at Oak Flats Public School. The policy aims to guide our students in the development of positive behaviours and respectful attitudes and relationships which will serve them well for their time at school and beyond. It has a focus on fostering respectful relationships throughout the school community.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

News | 25th July 2017
Positive Behaviour for Learning

The Positive Behaviour for Learning Program was introduced at Oak Flats Public School in Term 2 this year.

Positive Behaviour for Learning, known as PBL is a whole school program that actively promotes positive behaviour. It supports students in early childhood years through to upper primary years of schooling. PBL addresses the diverse academic and social needs of every student at Oak Flats PS to support them to be successful.

PBL enables students to:

  • develop a clear understanding of required expectations
  • become responsible for their own behaviour
  • work together to create a positive, productive and harmonious learning community